Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Further Reflections on the Boston Marathon bombing and Finding a Fall Guy

Well, it has now been two days since the bombing at the Boston Marathon that killed 3 and wounded over 170. No one has come forward to claim any responsibility and police have not named any suspects in the attack.

My wife and I talked about this last night and, giving our paranoia free reign, tried to decipher whom we thought the government might try to lay this on. Would it be Iran or North Korea (my theory) or would it be the 'Left' such as it is these days via Occupy. My wife leans toward the latter. I told her that I don't think the Establishment views Occupy as much of a threat any longer, but she thinks it still feels threatened by Occupy\Anonymous and might use the Boston Marathon bombing as the pretext to smash what remains of any organized resistance.

Our paranoid speculation begs the question that all progressives and leftists should be asking themselves. To wit, what are the chances the government and law enforcement will accuse the actual perpetrator of the crime(s)? Now that we have seen with our own eyes the government invade and occupy countries that had nothing to do with 9-11 and smash up Occupy when it was doing nothing more than exercising precious rights, neither my wife nor I give the government much credit any longer for behaving as honest brokers in this matter.

And really why should we? Obama excoriates the Boston Marathon bombing as a 'heinous and cowardly act,' while reamining utterly silent on his drone policies that have killed far more innocents using exactly the same tactics. Obama promises that the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing will experience the full weight of justice while, meanwhile, Bush and Cheney walk around free men, even as an Independent Review has concluded in a 557-page report that the U.S. Government and its high officials created and engaged in a systemic torture regime from 2001-2009.

So, taking my wife's fears a step further, let's say the government tries to pin this on some group of progressives or the Left. What might we then see? Would it be a return of the Palmer Raids and repression to equal that experienced by Americans of Middle Eastern descent after 9-11? Can any progressive or Leftist who has expressed disagreement with the policies of Empire expect to find him- or herself in the crosshairs? At what point should we start to worry that we have become a convenient target of opportunity in this never-ending Global War on Terror?

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