Tuesday, February 11, 2014

When Ya Gotta Go . . .

So you're an undocumented worker out and about seeking work and one day the urge to purge comes over you. Better hope you're not living and working in Arizona. If Republicans there have their way, it may soon become illegal for anyone in the state 'illegally' to relieve him- or herself in a public restroom.

You can't make this shit (npi) up:
An Arizona Republican, Carl Seel, recently introduced legislation that would make it a crime for a ‘person in the state illegally’ to use any public resource or facility. This would include sidewalks, roads, parks and yes, even public restrooms.
How Low Can Republicans Go?

Representative Carl Seel's Legislative District 20, the Arizona Capitol Times notes tersely, "is located entirely in Maricopa County and includes parts of Phoenix and Glendale. It is bounded on the north by State Rte. 101, on the south by Butler Dr., and on the east by Cave Creek Rd. The district’s western boundary is near 75th Ave. Minorities represent 32.1 percent of the district’s total ..."

Since Representative Seel's proposal deserves more than mere vocal support, I would encourage all undocumented workers living within his district to familiarize themselves with the location of  his personal residence and make their way to his front or rear lawns to show their, ahem, solid-arity in person.

If you need directions to Representative Seel's residence, you can email him at cseel@azleg.gov or phone him at (602) 926-3018 to get directions. The U.S Postal Service also makes a wonderful method to deliver expressions of your support the good old-fashioned way. You might wish to call ahead to confirm the best address or, if you feel an urgent need to show your support immediately, you can send your expressions of support to:
Arizona House of Representatives
1700 W. Washington
Room 341
Phoenix, AZ 85007
If, sadly, you're not one of the wealthy 'taker' undocumented workers with access to a taxpayer-funded mobile phone, internet access or postage stamps, I would suggest the front or rear lawn of any Republican in the state would suffice. After all, we're all in this together.

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