Monday, December 20, 2010

Bad Weather is Here

If you have not been following Southern California's weather recently, we have been experiencing very heavy rainfall and cold temperatures. I would estimate that in the past 4 days we have gotten more than 5" of rain. And they say the worst is still on its way and will arrive in the next couple days. This may be the wettest winter I have ever personally seen in Los Angeles.

So Alma and I have not walked at the beach for the past few days (since last Thursday). We returned to the Westside Pavillion on Saturday, went nowhere yesterday and went back to the Westfield Culver City mall today for our walks.

Given that this past weekend was the final weekend before Christmas, I was not surprised to see activity at the mall picking up a bit. There was definitely more foot traffic and it took quite awhile to get a parking space. But I don't think that one weekend of high activity will rescue the economy. It's way too little way too late. The Atlantic Monthly has an article whose title ("Retail Sales Are Back, but the Jobs Aren't") suggests that businesses' revenues are starting to recover, even though unemployment continues to stagnate at about 10%. Well, with consumers constituting 70% of the economy and with unemployment hanging at 10%, I don't see how business can remain strong. Tepid but not strong. The Atlantic disagrees. We shall see.(

Alma and I have started making a Christmas tree together. I will have more to write about it tomorrow (along with pictures of the tree in progress). It is a Christmas tree made out of recycled materials and with a beach theme, so I think you will find it fits right in with this blog.

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