Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

The torrential rains we had been having tapered off on Thursday, such that Alma and I were able to return to the beach on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The weather appears today to be returning to its inclement nature, but I think we will get one more day in today.

Alma and I never did finish the tree about which I posted earlier. We simply ran out of time and each leaf was taking me about 30 minutes to finish. With some 44 leaves that would have meant close to 24 hours straight working only on the tree. So Alma has moved it back into the art studio to rethink the project and perhaps re-purpose it.

I did learn from it that there's a reason why I am not a plastic artist. I lack the patience for the detail work. I sure enjoyed getting to experience what artists and craftspeople have to go through and learned enough to ratify that it's not for me. Strange because I really enjoy the painstaking nature of cooking, but for some reason, working on arts and crafts projects makes me want to take up smoking again.

I hope all my readers, both regular and occasional, had a good holiday season this year. Alma and I are getting ready to leave now to go down to the beach, so I will be resuming my regular commentaries shortly.

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