Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Grey Skies Return

We had been enjoying a series of nice if windy walks these past few days. This morning, though, when I woke up, the skies were grey again and it looks as if we might just get another April shower.

So I thought I would use this post to make a Public Service Announcement about Alma's website. Yesterday, we added a page to the website to show a selection of Alma's beach photography.

The page is called "Photo Therapy" and currently displays a "Best Of" collection of 20 photos. Depending on the response this page gets, we may add more photos or rotate some of Alma's other photos onto the page.
My personal favorite on the website is the photo of the sand dollar, followed by the photo of the sunset that is next to last. All of the photos are simply stupendous, though, and I would be hard pressed to say that any one photo is 'better' than any of the others.

If you have visited this blog before, chances are that you have already seen some of the excellent photographs of the beach that Alma has taken. She uses a Samsung cell phone and her artist's eye to capture great images of the beach.

If you do visit Alma's website, Alma asks that you kindly take a moment to fill out her guestbook on the 'Contact Alma' page with any comments you might have. Doing so will send Alma an email to let her know you visited and, if you make comments, will give Alma some guidance

You can get to the page of photos directly from this post by clicking on the link below:



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