Friday, April 8, 2011

Winter's Last Gasp

Alma and I took a chance and headed down to the beach yesterday. Before we left, the skies where we live were a bit clouded over and the temperatures were a bit cooler than just a few days ago. So we dressed warmly. Good thing, too, because when we reached the beach, the winds were whipping about, sending waves crashing into the surf and blowing a fine sheen of sand across the beach.

We managed about 2/3 of our normal walk before we decided to throw in the towel and head home. Good thing, too, because just as we wrapped up our walk, it began to rain, one of those cold and blustery rains where, even when there is not a torrential downpour, you feel miserable because you can't get warm.

We will not have to walk in the mall any more, except when we choose to. I bought Alma a stationary bicycle for her birthday. She and I have been taking turns using it. Last night, I pedaled the equivalent of 15 miles in an hour and burned some 400 calories, according to the computer readout from the bike's monitoring. Sure enough, when I weighed this morning, I had lost 1 pound. Alma had lost two pounds overnight.

Any time it is raining or threatening to rain now, we can simply hop on the bike for our workout rather than trundling over to the soul-sucking mall. About the only reason I can think of for a stationary bike, as opposed to a mobile one. But it's a good reason.

The weather seems to have improved over night. While still unseasonably cool for these parts, the sun is making valiant efforts to shine through the scattered clouds. So I think we shall be heading down to the beach today in a couple hours.

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