Friday, November 5, 2010

The Flattery of Anonymous Followers

Yesterday,  I acquired my  first "Follower." (That is, in addition to Alma who has, frankly, been following me for far too long.) Oh, I may fulminate like Thoreau against the foibles and peccadilloes of the world in which I find myself but I must also confess to being seriously flattered that I now have at least one non-spousal 'Follower.'

I do not recognize this individual by his or her pen name. My follower thus remains a mystery, an enigma, at least for now. It is a delicious thrill to wonder who might be one's follower and to fantasize about him or her. The internet's anonymity is a mixed blessing and nowhere more so than here. Exciting though it may be to have an anonymous follower, however, there is something less than fully satisfying in that anonymity. Not least because that follower, whoever he or she may be, has yet to comment on any of my posts. So I really have very little idea specifically why I am being followed.

Nevertheless, I was so gratified that she (or he?) had signed on that I emailed him or her an ebullient missive. It is gratifying to be noticed, especially for a labor so seemingly unrewarding as this one promises to be. To my current and future followers, a hearty 'thank you' for your attention.

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  1. Aaaaw thanks Charlie. But it is me Margie no body real exciting.LOL I love to read this I like it alot. Can't wait to see more. HHHHUUUMMM I guess my first post didn't go threw sorry