Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last night's sunset

Although the sky stayed clear through much of the day yesterday, by the time we arrived for our walk, the western portion of the sky had become infused with light, cirrus clouds. Imagine a blue canvass upon which the artist has painted a light scattering of white feathers and you will have an image of what the sky looked like.

The result was a fairly spectacular sunset. The white feathers became tinted slowly with a light pink that progressively darkened as the sun further faded away. I shall have much more to write about these sunsets in later posts, but tonight's sunset deserved its own place in posterity.

Alma and I have discovered that our cellphone cameras do not do a good job of catching the brilliant colors of these spectacular sunsets. So we must secure either a better camera or my words must take over the duty of describing for you what these sunsets are like.

1 comment:

  1. It was a spectacular sunset as many of them have been and I guess for now both the photos poor in color saturation from the cell phones and your descriptions will have to do. Maybe eventually we can afford to get cell phones with better cameras as I like the casual quality of our photos and want to save the intense technical considerations for the art :).