Thursday, November 11, 2010

Why I Posted So Late Yesterday and Today

My regular readers will have noticed that I did not post an entry last night until far later than had been my custom previously. The same has happened today.

As it happens, I am helping build a virtual gallery to display Alma's art online. We decided to use Yahoo for our web hosting solution and Yahoo offers a website design kit that is fairly intuitive and user friendly, i.e., does not require any programming.

However, because Alma's website of necessity includes a large number of images and not as much text, I find that she and I are spending a lot of time editing photographic images of her art. I will have far more to say on the issue of art galleries and the "art scene" in Los Angeles in later posts. Suffice it for now to say that this virtual gallery I am building for Alma leapfrogs entirely over the whole question of how to display her work in physical brick-and-mortar galleries.

We hope to launch this website on Saturday. I will of course post a link to it when it launches. But my time to post on this blog right now is limited. So I hope my regular readers and any current or prospective cult followers will have patience and bear with me during this time.

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