Sunday, March 6, 2011

The PTS Ratio

Some folks may use a groundhog to determine whether spring has finally arrived. Myself, I use the PTS ratio. What, you ask, is the PTS ratio? It's the pants to shorts ratio, as measured by a highly unscientific survey I do of what other men are wearing at the beach.

The weather turned nicer yesterday and, being as it was a Saturday, the beaches were full of people. A perfect day to run my PTS sampling. Turns out that yesterday the PTS ratio was roughly 50-50. I counted some  65 men wearing shorts and some 62 men wearing pants. Advantage by a whisker to shorts.

As for myself, I had not thought to wear shorts yesterday and was wearing a pair of sweat pants. I did turn to Alma and say that if the weather remained nice I might upgrade (or would that be downgrade?) to shorts for today's walk.

But don't get your hopes up for today. The skies are again cloudy and full of what look to be rain clouds. Alma and I had planned a trip first to the Mar Vista Farmer's Market to pick up some fresh produce and what-nots and to grab a bite to eat en plein air. But with the skies full of rain clouds, not only will I not be risking shorts, we may have to walk at the soul-sucking mall again. Ugh.

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