Friday, March 25, 2011

Sometimes the Strangest Things

In our various walks at the beach, Alma and I have come across many strange items. Several months ago, for example, Alma and I found a wooden door that had washed up on to the beach. No idea where it came from. We are always stumbling across various oddities that really have no place in the ocean.

Partial List of Strange Items Found on Beach

Tooth brushes
Dead land animals like possums or racoons
Upholstery cushions
Gas Cans
Aerosol Cans (like spraypaint)
Plastic motor oil containers

There are rational explanations for some of the weird things we find on the beach. Take, for example, the toy convertible for Barbie that we found a few days ago:

You can imagine a scenario where a little girl (or boy) brings the toy car down to the beach. Maybe the toy car winds down by the water's edge while the family has spread their blankets and towels higher up in the sand. The sun goes down, the sky grows dark and in the hustle and bustle of packing up, the car gets left behind. Easy enough to imagine that happening.

For other things, like pacifiers, Alma and I are at more of a loss to explain how the items came to be on the beach:

We have come to believe that the pacifiers (we have seen many of these) must be washing out of the storm drains into the ocean and from the ocean washing up to the beach. Either that or there are many mothers in Los Angeles who bring baby and pacifier to the beach and suddenly decide to throw away the pacifier. Beats me.

The strangest item we have found so far is a wrought iron chair:

Wrapped in seaweed and various barnacular growths, the wrought iron chair looks like some prop for the 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' (coming soon to a screen near you). It's hard to envision exactly how a wrought iron chair came to find its way to our beach. But find its way it did.

Ideas, anyone?

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  1. Love this post husband, I do wish you could also share one of my more artful photos of the rod iron chair, it was one of the few things washed up on the beach that brought a certain mood all it's own to the photos, a sort of Anne Rice, gothic tragedy feeling.