Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alma and the Photographs for this Blog

My regular readers know that my wife, Alma, is an accomplished visual artist. Historically, she has worked in the plastic arts (painting, sculpture and assemblage). But since I began this blog in November of 2010, Alma has taken over providing all photographs for it.

What is remarkable is that Alma currently uses a Samsung cellphone that is about 4 years old with a very modest camera and even more modest editing capabilities. Even though she has had no formal photography training, Alma's art training in composition and aesthetics has given her the foundation for what I think are exceptionally strong photographs.

We eventually plan to open a room in the gallery for her photography. And eventually you will be able to see a selection of her photographs at her website: But right now we are holding off on modifying the website to include a display of her photographs until we have resolved certain other crucial design questions that we currently face.

So to see a more complete collection of Alma's photography right now, you will find it best to locate her on FaceBook, where she goes by 'Evelyn Bryan'. Her current profile picture on FaceBook is a copy of our business card, of which I have included a facsimile below.

Thanks to Alma for the wonderful photographs that grace this blog.

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