Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day at Venice Beach

The weather turned colder and windier today but not so much as to prevent Alma and me from walking on our beach. Today is Valentine's Day and we had a nice day. This morning, I used the need to go to the post office as an excuse to get out to buy flowers and a card for Alma. The flowers were NOT ROSES, as Alma prefers Gerber daisies. Only problem is that there is no florist close by where we live and I thought there was. So I ended up having to buy flowers at our local grocers. Not so bad but the selection was limited to only ROSES and mixed bouquets. No Gerber daisies that I could see. So I bought one of the mixed bouquets. But Alma ended up really liking the flowers even though they were regular daisies and mums and not Gerber daisies.

Later I made Chicken Cacciatore and Alma made a great salad and we enjoyed lunch on our balcony. The weather where we live was very nice and the lunch was quite romantic. Speaking of romantic, someone was hard at work at the beach.

To all my readers, wherever you may find yourself today, Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you have spent the day with someone special to you.

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