Friday, February 11, 2011

The Ladybug Brigade

We have seen many strange but wonderful, bizarre but beautiful sights in our daily walks at the beach.  Just yesterday, Alma and I stumbled on a colony of ladybugs on the sand. I'm not sure why they were there. Probably for the water, the same reason the bees show up there every so often.

Ladybugs are so unassuming that you almost see them by accident. It seems you would never see one if you tried to find it and that, at least for me, I am always surprised (and quite pleasantly so) when I do see one. So to come across an entire legion, an entire brigade of them, really made my day.

While it may be a truism or cliche, when you see a creature as unassuming as a ladybug at the beach, it brings home the fact that it's not just 'our' beach. It's their beach too and we should consider ourselves eminently fortunate to serve as its custodians.

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