Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Computer Problems Persist

My laptop is dying, It is a Sony Vaio that I inherited from my prior place of employment. I got 3 solid months of service from it before it started crapping out. It runs Windows XP and what happens now is that most often it will not move from the opening screen to the initial log in screen and just stays frozen on the Sony Vaio intro screen with the pretty logo. The hard drive light goes off, so I know no one is home to quote the proverbial saying.

Right now I am posting this on Alma's Toshiba laptop. This past weekend, Alma and I went to Best Buy and priced a new device for her. She was quite smitten with the Apple IPad, especially when she learned that a simple little $20 kit will allow her to move photos from her phone right to the IPad. So I think we will be heading back to Best Buy later this week to do the deed.

So my posting for the next few days may be a little more sporadic than usual. But I will keep posting. We have been having a run of nice days and Alma shot some really tremendous photos just yesterday, so I plan to do a Dune Update here in the next couple days.

Thanks for your patience. And thanks for continuing to read this blog. It means the world to me.

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