Monday, June 20, 2011

A Walk Along the Venice Canals

The past few days have seen decent, albeit belated, weather. Each day begins with gloom and glouring rainclouds but the clouds clear out in time for us to reach the beach and walk before sundown.

On Saturday, Alma and I changed our routine a bit and walked along one of the grand old canals that give Venice Beach its name. There is stately architecture along this canal and a fenced walkway with signs about the avian life that uses the canals as stopovers on the Pacific FlyWay (the migration path birds take from North to South America and vice versa each year).

These houses must cost at least several million dollars each and, wow, seeing them made me realize how the path I have taken in life has not gone in that direction for sure. True, Alma and I own a modest 2-bedroom condominium, but these multi-level houses are in another class entirely. The lot sizes are very small by Beverly Hills standards, but the houses themselves exude wealth.

Oh well. I took the road less travelled by and that has made (most of) the difference. We did not see many birds on the walk. It is almost summer Solstice now in the Northern Hemisphere, so perhaps the migratory birds are not currently migrating much but have found  temporary abodes. A few small thrushes and sparrows. Frankly, we see way more avian life along the beach, a topic about which I shall have more to say in future posts.

Yesterday and today, Alma and I returned to walking our familiar stretch of beach in its 3-mile entirety. There are a few more people now that the temperatures are rising, the winds easing and the clouds breaking up. But even so, I am simply amazed that the beaches remain so empty for this late into the start of the high season here.

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