Monday, June 13, 2011

Laptop Problems Persist and So Also June Gloom

I met a person down at the beach who claims to be an expert at fixing laptops. So before I shelled out another $400 for a new laptop to replace the old one, I decided to have Chris take a look. We've been playing phone tag and so I hope to have the situation resolved one way or another in a day or two. Either he will be able to fix the laptop or it will be beyond repair and I will have to replace it.

The weather so far in June has been exceedingly strange and yet oddly familiar. We call it "June Gloom." Typically, each day begins with the coast and five or so miles inland completely socked in with clouds and chilly temperatures. Meterologists refer to this phenomenon as the "Marine Layer." What usually happens is that, during the morning, the heat of the sun burns the clouds off and clear skies are in place by noon. What makes it strange this year is that the clouds persist well into the afternnon. A couple times, Alma and I have decided not to walk at the beach because we feared we would get rained on.

Alma believes some of this abnormal weather we are experiencing stems from our peculiar Southern California version of global warming. Climatologists and meterologists have never claimed that global warming would result in uniform warming over the entirety of the planet. Instead, the general warming trend would lead to more volatile and abnormal weather patterns. So, while the rest of the U.S. suffers from tornadoes and excessively high temperatures, our part of Global Warming is that skies remain cloudy all day now and we have cool temperatures by typical Southern California standards.

Even if Alma's hypothesis is not correct -- and I don't know how one would prove or disprove it -- my laptop chose a propitious moment to break down as the weather is conspiring to keep our beach walks limited.

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