Saturday, June 25, 2011

I've Got the June Gloom Blahs

I grew up on a farm in southwest Missouri. As such I got to see nature up close and personal. I got to see nature red in tooth and claw and I also got to experience the total utter monotony of nature. Lately our walks at the beach have begun to resemble the latter. Every day the skies are grey and full of clouds by the time we walk in later afternnon, even if the day had begun with blue sunny skies.

The locals here call it 'June Gloom,' the propensity of the skies daily to be cloudy. Even though it is a known phenomenon, it can't help affecting my mood. I find it difficult to stay upbeat about Mother Nature and her offerings when she constantly presents such a grey and gloomy face to me.

Those of you who live in land-locked regions or who do not have the luxury of daily walks may think me quite spoiled for this case of the blahs. And, as Alma pointed out a couple days ago, it could be a lot worse than it is. But I do hope to see blue skies and the sun soon in our daily walks.

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