Sunday, June 5, 2011

Strong Sustained Winds Continue and My Laptop has Died

My laptop crashed very severely last week, so I am typing this on Alma's laptop. I hope to have either repaired or replaced my laptop by the end of this coming week. Until then, my posts will be somewhat more limited. An acquaintance of ours tells me he thinks the operating system, Windows XP, has gotten corrupted somehow and will need to be reinstalled. I hope to have him take a look at it later this week in hopes that he will be able to bring my laptop back to life. Barring that, I will have to buy a new one.

Even though we are well into spring now and the official summer 'season' began last weekend, the beaches have been staying fairly empty because of the high winds the beach continues to experience. The past three days specifically, Alma and I have had to forgo wearing shorts or t-shirts, in favor of sweat pants and long sleeve tops not because the temperatures are low but because the winds are blowing so strong and sustained.

According to a couple weather sites I check from time to time, yesterday saw wind gusts as high as 30 mph (about 45 Kmph for my international readers) and sustained winds blew from 15-20 mph. With the skies bright and sunny, this is the type of weather sailors adore and the numerous sailboats we see on the ocean these days are proof that the sailors are taking advantage of the high winds.

Yesterday, we got our first break as the skies were sunny, although still cool, and the winds had died down to a soft breeze. But today, the skies are cloudy as a serious low pushes down from San Francisco, threatening rain and a return to the chilly winds we had last week.

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