Friday, June 17, 2011

Gloomy June Continues

This weird weather we've been having recently shows no signs of letting up any time soon. Either we will start the day with heavy clouds and have it partially clear by the time we walk or we will start the day with clear skies only to have them heavily cloud up right as we reach the beach.

I know I am not making this up - we are in the height of the summer season right now and there are so few people at the beach some days that we might as well be in the midst of January. Of the 15 lifeguard stations that could be open at any given moment, only 3-4 are.

Our acquaintance Chris looked at my old laptop and concluded that it is irreparable. Farewell, old friend. I had backed up all my important data elsewhere before it crashed for the final time, so no big loss. Alma and I still have not bought a second laptop. In fact, after discussing it further, we have decided that we pretty much only need one laptop in the household. One option our friend Rick urged us to consider was getting a 'netbook' for Alma. These are smaller, stripped down versions of a laptop, without the memory or processing power. So Alma and I will be returning to the mall on Saturday to look at netbooks at a store we both love to hate: Best Buy.

Right now, I am typing this on our laptop in the early morning while Alma sleeps in. She had some dental work done yesterday that resulted in her having to take a couple ibuprofen for pain before we went to bed. In a few minutes, though, I shall be waking her up to start our Friday together.

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